Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Post-Delivery Food Requests

I've been thinking a lot about labor and delivery ever since we started childbirth class last week, and of course the most important part for me is what I'm gonna wear and what I'm gonna eat. I think I've gotten both of these questions answered finally!

The what'm I gonna wear? answer is the Dressed Up Delivery gift set from Pretty Pushers. I either want it in yellow or stripes, or both- what the hell, this is my first time after all! And I want to get some super cute slippers and slipper socks too because I hear my feet will get cold.

Now on to the what'm I gonna eat?

Here are my requests, faithful family readers:

1. Neal's spaghetti.
2. My momma's ho-made yeast rolls.
3. My sissa's cheese dip with the raspberry jam on top and Carr wheat crackers.
4. Mike's momma's blueberry pie. A whole pie all to myself.
5. McDonald's vanilla milkshake.
6. Starbucks Iced Green Tea.

I think that about covers all the required food groups, yes?

Yummm........Makes you wanna come visit me in the hospital in 3 months, doesn't it!!


  1. I might steal a piece of the pie...The milkshake sounds good too...I'll get two iced tea, b/c I really like Starbucks goodies...can't wait to see you in your "pretty pushers" holding Millibug!! Best wishes from Grandpa...

  2. Thanks for telling me about your blog today! So sassy and fun! You really ARE a writer! Now that I'm one of your "followers," I'll be watching you ... eagerly awaiting more postings. Congrats on Giggles article! Stop by and visit my blog someday. Very different from yours. I blog about running (and for the moment, cooking Italian food). Still, you might enjoy in your spare time (like WHEN???). Thanks for letting me read!