Friday, June 4, 2010

10 Random Things

1. I am a terrible blogger. I never suggested I wasn't. But letting an astonishing 7 weeks pass between post does not a successful blogger make.

2. Luckily, I am not relying solely on my blogging ability to be discovered as a wonderful writer and hired off by some glamorous magazine. I proactively offered my writing services to the local publication giggle magazine, for free, and they graciously accepted! My first deadline is June 16th for the August/September issue, featuring family-friendly tailgating tips. So excited to be thisclose to getting published!

3. It's my dream to be a writer. You'd just never know it based on my inability to regularly blog.

4. This hasn't been too random yet. Platypus. Nitwit. Gobblydook. There, that's better.

5. Everyone knows it now, but I should post it here anyway: Sprout Baby's a GIRL!! Amelia Rose Herchel is on her way, and in the past few weeks has gotten ever more active! I can't wait to meet her.

6. I am in love with the shrimp sauce at Bento and want it on anything, at any time. Kinda wishing I had a big bowl of lo mein covered in veggies and shrimp sauce right now.

7. I desperately need a pedicure.

8. Our babymoon to the keys was SO.AWESOME. We had so much fun at Bahia Honda, at our bed and breakfast (the Weatherstation Inn.) and just hanging out. Lovely, lovely, lovely time.

9. I'm looking forward to Mike's birthday party next week so I can show off all of my party planning skills, yay!

10. Tomorrow I am doing the Gator Football Women's Clinic at UF. Apparently there are lots of football drills. I am pretty sure me and my 26+ week belly are going to be cast as defensive line due to our solidity and brute force.... and hopefully I'll win some raffle prizes! Good times.

That's all. For now. More to come!


  1. There you go...see how easy that is for a pro-writer

  2. I need pedi too! I haven't had one since before Lillian was least a year, but probably much longer than that.