Friday, July 30, 2010

Busy week updates!

We have had, in hindsight, a very busy week! First, after my blog on Wednesday early a.m, I am pleased to announce that my writer's block seems to be waning. I was even able to churn out a Tuscaloosa tailgating article on GT this morning, for which I am eternally grateful to the writing gods. They all must be football fans!

Work is going really well, I am going to be starting a UF Parents marketing campaign, which will, among other things, afford me the luxury of working from home, hopefully starting August 23, until Millie shows up. Here's hoping we can possibly move that date up even earlier, depending on whether we can get the materials in order by then! It's an exciting campaign and I'm looking forward to its success.

I'm also scheduled now for 4 tradeshows between now and April- Womens' Shows in Jacksonville, Savannah, and Raleigh; and the NBC Travel show in Miami. It feels good to have some travel back on the books to look forward to! I feel like it'll keep me focused on work post-baby, to have these shows to look forward to. Being in front of the visitor and getting to talk about Gainesville is such a great reminder of why I do what I do, after all!

We also have discovered The Warehouse restaurant, which you should stop reading and go try immediately if you live in Gainesville. Their chef is formerly of Steve's Cafe, their front-of-the-house manager is a former Eastside Culinary Institute and CIA graduate, and the food is incredible, and reasonably priced. Take this dinner-menu item, for instance: Grilled flank steak, accompanied by snow crab mac and cheese- for $13. Seriously. Awesome.

In baby news, Mike has been making EXCELLENT progress on the mural- will post pics soon! I love it and can't wait to see the finished product. I'm feeling Millie move around a bunch, including daily heartbeat sessions that cause my tummy to jump! Insane! I can't wait to meet her and see her little face. I ordered a blue-eyed, dark haired young'un and I just know she's gonna be brown-eyed, and at least start out as a blonde. Ah, well then I can just sing Brown-Eyed Girl to her, right?!

I'm going to be investing in a Belly Bandit for my hospital bag next week; Mike also ordered me my favoritest candle in all the land, Gardenia by Illume, for me to have in the delivery room to calm me and mask icky hospital smells. It's been my fave candle ever since Teresa and I stayed at International House in New Orleans, back before I could even drink- I think it was almost 9 years ago! So glad they still make them! Anyway, that fragrance takes me back to that gorgeous serene hotel lobby, with its neutral colors, attentive service staff, and all the delish food (mmmm, Bacco)  and great memories of that trip. I can't think of anything more peaceful to be reminded of as I'm screaming bloody murder through a contraction. If anything, it'll bring back comical memories of our long trek back to the hotel after my 5'9 sissy-love had herself some Hurricanes at Pat O's and I had to navigate our way through the French Quarter by myself, being stepped on all the way! See what a great caretaker instinct I had, even in those pre-baby days!

Laissez bon temps rouler! Have a great weekend!

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