Monday, January 11, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name...

So, for those of you who aren't aware, Mike and I will not be finding out Sprout's sex. I am especially excited to be surprised- which is rare for me, since I HATE surprises, but I figure this one's completely out of my control- I'm getting what I'm getting either way! I also feel that there are several benefits to waiting, namely:

1. Getting to design a gender-neutral nursery, meaning I can go ahead and start planning it NOW, as opposed to waiting- I'm still leaning toward a Dr. Seuss theme.
2. Having my baby shower be a theme that reflects MY interests, as opposed to the baby's gender. After all, the baby's not there to enjoy it yet anyway! It may as well be for me! :)
3. Placing bets on what we're having, just for fun.
4. Getting to pick out both a girl name and a boy name, and have them at the ready.

Now, you may think that all of those sound like good reasons- the fun of picking out the nursery early! The excitement of selecting two names! However, we are definitely NOT in agreement about baby names. Mike only liked one name ever, boy or girl- James. And that's fine.... Except, our precious, darlin' nephew Halen's middle name is James, as is Mike's middle name and... Well. I just don't want our kid coming out thinking that we're not at all creative and can't come up with anything else to call him (or her!)

All of my suggestions have recieved a scowl and a vehement rejection from Mike, who of course hasn't come up with any names of his own, except for "Tebow," "Wuerrfel" and "Harvin," all of which were expected, and of course immediately rejected by me.

*Not that I'm opposed to sports-related names. I myself suggested Walker, so the baby could be Walker Herchel, like Herchel Walker. Which, by the way, is a name I actually like. But Mike disagreed.

Some of my fave rejections so far include Thomas, Foster, Sawyer, Patrick, Charlie, Sam, George... All good, classic boy names. But none seem to trump Mike's affection for James.

We do, at least, have a few girls' names we agree upon, namely Rose. I also like Cecilia, Nora, Ava Rae, Caroline, Harper, Ella.... but I think we've at least settled on part of the girl name being Rose.

I tell ya, as a girl, I have spent years of my life picking out baby names for fun, and now that the time is actually upon us, this selection process is brutal! It's possible that Sprout will end up with a name that is absolutely ridiculous, like Spot or Fido or Fluffy or Felix, simply because we can only agree on names that are silly. At least if we end up doing that, we can get these awesome personalized items for the baby: I mean, surely that dog sweater will fit the baby like a onesie, right?!

*If you have any ideas on baby names, Mike and I are open to suggestions.... Although if he crinkles up his nose in rejection, don't take it personally.


  1. I have to say Tammy, I dont typically read blog posts, but you are such an entertaining writer!! Very animated! I love it! I checked out that Bella Belli or Baby Belli website you posted a link for on FB, ADORABLE! I think its really cool you guys arent going to find out the sex of the baby, I would not have as much self control! Although, I already have plans for my unborn/unconceived baby's room that is gender neutral as well. I think its a normal thought process for women. Personally, I think James would be a nice middle name for your baby and you could be creative with the first name, even though a family member already has that name, I think it would be special because it is Mikes name. I plan on naming our first boy Keith Aiden, to follow the tradition of Keith's through the generations in his family line (grandfather, father, and him). Anyway-- as you can tell, I have nothing much to do but read FB and respond to blogs on this chilly Monday morning. Have a wonderful week and good luck in the naming process. Whatever you choose, will be perfect.

  2. The problem with Walker Herchel is that Herschel Walker was a running back for GEORGIA!!

    No good if you're a Gator fan.