Monday, December 20, 2010

What a good weekend!

Mike and I had such a good weekend with Bug! Friday night, she was in such a good mood when I picked her up from daycare that we met Mike at Happy Hour at Gator Tales, formerly Clubhouse Grille. We had some beer and snackies, and then went home, curled up and snuggled a bit before bed. Saturday morning we went on a family walk before I left to go meet my mama friends for lunch at Carrabba's (delish blackberry sangria!) it was so great to see some of my favorite mamas- I  am so lucky to have made so many wonderful friends, all thanks to the NFRMC post-partum lunches. Then a few of us headed to the Nutcracker at the Phillips Center for some holiday cheer! I headed out just early enough to miss the traffic and got home to a smiley baby. My sis came over after her classes and we headed to my parents' apartment in Alachua to spend some time together for the holidays, got tasty take-out from Conestoga's and looked through photo albums from Christmases when I was little. Millie and I got to bed kinda late, but slept well and had a wonderful day with Mike Baby on Sunday! We all slept in, then Mike made me coffee while I fed the baby and we headed out for lunch at Toojays- we share the Jaynormous and it was delish and filling too! Then we ran a few errands, got some books from the library, and took Bug home for a bit to clean and chill out. Early evening, we headed to CVS for Mike's flu shot and to stock up on over-the-counter meds for all of us since my flex card benefits change at the beginning of the year. When we got home, we had Campbell's chicken noodle soup for dinner, which for some reason just signifies winter with me- I love it! Then I gave Bug a bath before taking one myself with a festive Candy Cane cocktail in hand. Mike Baby lit a fire and made chocolate chip cookies- his are the BEST! And after a family snuggle on the couch watching football, we all turned in early to read. I know it all sounds so simple, but we just had a really good, loving weekend. Good sleep, good snuggles, sweet baby. She's trying so hard to sit up and roll over, it's adorable! :) We've decided she's too cute to ever punish, so one day when she's 14, we're just gonna ground her for a year to make up for it. Haha!

It was Poopalooza at our house too, with Millie headlining. She had a blowout performance with a spectacular encore- Mike and I saw it all from our fantastic seats, and got up close and personal with our backstage passes.

Bug: I can't wait for you to start talking so you can provide me with commentary of your day. You've been trying to tell me so many things! I love you so much. Your socks have clouds on them today; you can walk around with all the angels since you are one!!

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