Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Random Stuff to be Excited About...

1. I'm wearing pre-pregnancy work pants today. I have no idea how much I actually weigh, but the pants are fittin'. Quite pleased with myself. :)

2. There's fun stuff going on every weekend coming up!
the 4th- Dudley Farm Cane Boiling Days and the Thomas Center Tree Lighting.
the 11th- Baby Shower Lunch for Cristin at Ballyhoo and evening New Mama's Potluck at home. Yay!
the 12th- Cookie exchange with Alachua County Mamas.
the 18th- Lunch and The Nutcracker with all my mama friends!
the 25th- Millie's first Christmas!

3. In January I will take my first trip with Milliebug- my sis and I are taking her to Philadelphia for a few days while I attend the American Bus Association's conference.

4. Oh, yeah- and we're staying at the Ritz-Carlton. Fo' cheap! (Thanks, Government rate.)

5. Millie is so stinking cute!

6. We have holiday photos scheduled for Thursday.

7. I learned how to make perfect seared tuna.

8. We are getting the maternity and newborn pics custom framed for the nursery.

9. We're about to hire a new person for the office!

10. We saw that new show at the Hipp, This Wonderful Life, and it was, well. Wonderful.

11. I had a great pedi at Spa Royale on Friday and got gift certificates to go back for massages, at the insistance of that awesome hubby of mine!

12. Holiday drinks at Starbucks.

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