Friday, March 5, 2010

My Need For Retail Therapy Led Me to a Crib...

So, this was just a horrible, awful, no-good, very bad morning for me. Stella Puddin', my precious, darlin' boxer, needed a manicure and so we traipsed off to the vet for our 8am appointment in high spirits- girls about town, getting our nails done! Well, we sat in the waiting room for 30+ minutes waiting to be seen; at one point, a vet tech came to try and take her "to the back" for her nail trim, but I kindly reminded them that Stella is what the call a Level Two nail-trim patient- ie, she really effing hates it. The last time we were there, the vet tech specifically came and got me to be in the room with her to help calm her down. So, Miss Vet Tech says we'll be waiting a little longer so we can get into an exam room. She was quite pleasant about the whole situation and apologetic about our wait thus far.

Ten minutes later, a woman that I will henceforth refer to as The Old Redheaded Cruella came out and called Stella's name. She led us to a scary exam room at the very end of the hall, and without even introducing herself to my lil Puddin' Pie, without a single word of reassurance, proceeded to attack my poor baby with nail clippers! Well, that just wouldn't do at all! Stella was so frightened she would barely even let me near her for kisses, and for a dog who is the 3-time Best Kisses Champion in the Mutts and Pups Dog Show, that is just nearly unheard of. The Old Redheaded Cruella curtly informed me that owners generally make animals more nervous. And I curtly retorted that I was in there because last time they couldn't keep her calm without me. So The Old Redheaded Cruella left the room in a tizzy, saying that she was going to find an assistant to help her out.

Ten minutes pass. Twenty. I'm now crying, I'm so anxious and upset by the way she treated Stel, and how we're now left alone in this horrible, unfriendly exam room. I mean, there wasn't even a jar of treats on the counter! WTF?! So at the urging of Mike Baby, Stella and I hightailed it out of there in a hurry. After a few minutes of sobbing in the car over the whole ordeal (thanks, pregnancy hormones) I decided it was my duty to call them up and give them some honest, constructive feedback. So I phoned the office to explain to them that while the first tech was clearly in the right industry and had a great attitude, The Old Redheaded Cruella was far better suited to be relegated to doing paperwork. In a basement. Far from human contact. (and if you're wondering if I actually said that to them, the honest answer is yes. Hey, it may inspire her to make a career change.)

So needless to say, I was in a right state when I got to work this morning, and it was high time I do something to cheer myself up and turn this day around. So I did what any normal expectant mama would do- I bought nursery furniture!

Now, we'd been planning on buying our crib this weekend anyway, and I ended up finding a GREAT deal online. The crib we chose was listed at Wood You for $399, plus we'd have had to pay tax; I've seen it for as low as $289 at The Babies' Room and even for $249 at Babies R Us. But we got ours for only $229 on with free shipping and no tax!

We chose the Davinci Emily crib in Espresso, and I can't wait to get it here and see how it looks! It got lots of positive reviews on every site I've seen, including Consumer Reports. It's solid New Zealand Pine, and will come with the toddler bed conversion kit; rails to convert it into a full-size bed when Sprout gets bigger come in a $100 kit. So hopefully it'll be the only bed frame we ever have to buy for him/her! I think it'll look great with the All Creatures Great and Small bedding, don't you??!

I'm getting excited! All we need now is a dresser/changing table and a glider and we'll have all the furniture purchased. Here's hoping we get good deals on those items too!

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