Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I eat. I cook and I eat.

After my smorgasbord in Savannah, I came home Monday night with a strong desire to eat something "healthy."

I settled on mushroom-and-mozzerella stuffed chicken breasts from Fresh Market and homemade caprese salad. As in, I sliced the beefsteak tomatoes and fresh mozzerella and chiffonaded the basil and reduced the balsamic my ownself.

We cook from scratch in the Herchel House, oh, yes we do.

Here's my take on "healthy:"

Yummmmy. I felt so cleansed that I didn't feel one bit bad about having sushi for dinner last night. Or Satchel's Pizza for lunch today. Or that sugar cookie that the Sales Manager from the Sleep Inn just brought me.

That bloated chick on the elliptical machine that you'll see later tonight? Yeah, that'll be me. So much for personal training. :)

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  1. I went to high school with Mike. Your food looks yummy! Congrats on the pregnancy!